Thanks to Reviewers

The Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Board of Oncology Reviews are indebted with the following colleagues for their assistance in refereeing articles submitted to the journal (published or refused during 2019).

Ricardo Bonfim-Silva (Brazil), Tomas Büchler (Czech Republich), Nataliya Chillingirova (USA), Eelco De Bree (Greece), Georg C. Hutterer (Austria), Jennifer Kaley (USA), Katsuhiro Kita (USA), Dieter Luetjohann (Germany), Sandro Mattioli (Italy), Carine Michiels (Belgium), R. Montironi (Italy), Luciano Mutti (Italy), Veena K. Parnaik (India), Rhonda D. Prisby (USA), Alexander V. Prochorov (Belarus), Tarik Regad (UK), Ferdinand Sasvary (Slovakia), T.K. Subhawong (USA), Saul Suster (USA), Zongwei Wang (USA), Haining Yang (Hawaii)